Discover your Musts & Wants in a Home

Whether you know your “Musts and Wants” in a home or your "Must Haves", MustWants (TM) helps you assess, organize, and prioritize. Using your chosen Real Estate Search Application and your chosen Realtor you are prepared to select the best home for you to make that offer. 


Team with your Realtor to refine your personal definition of a dream home

Your realtor knows the area, they know the business and the process. They DONT know what you really Must have in a home, and what you might Want in a home... and what you definitely DONT want in a home. MustWants helps you refine your thoughts and organizes and prioritizes the homes.  Let MustWants algorithm work Free for you!  

Send your list to your Chosen Realtor.  


Discover, Discuss, Prioritize, Refine

MustWants lets you easily identify, add, delete, like, dislike what you discover in each home you visit.  As you walk through you quickly score, annotate, and MustWants organizes and correlates your thoughts into an easy to understand display.  Share the data with your Realtor, Partner, Friends.  MustWants Algorithm compiles the data to provide an easily understandable priority of the homes you have "favorited".  

The "Musts"

How Many Bedrooms do you Want?


Identify the number of bedrooms you must have and what you want to have.

How Many Bathrooms do you Want?


Identify the number of bathrooms you must have and what you want to have



Must you have a fence?

Do you want a fence?

Is it nice to have?

How much to add a fence in that area?

The "Wants"



Must you have a pool?

Do you want a pool?

Is it nice to have?

Do you definitely NOT want a pool?



Must you have a fireplace?

Do you want a fireplace?

Is it a nice to have?

Do you definitely NOT want a fireplace?



Must you have a big yard?

Do you want a small yard?

Is a big yard a nice to have?

Do you plan to use a landscaper? 

How much for a landscaper in that area?

Does the Home Need Renovations?



Does the Kitchen need to be renovated?

Let MustWants help in estimating the cost of a renovation in your area.   This allows you to better understand and organize your offer to the seller. 



Does the home need repairs? Let MustWants help estimate the repair costs which aid in discovering the best offer to the seller and the best things to consider between different homes you are looking at.



Are there other renovations to make the home yours?  Let MustWants App help in developing your estimate to make the best offer to the Seller

Is the Home in the Best Location?


Where is the House in Relation to your Work and Schools?

Let MustWants App help prioritize homes you are looking at based on relationship to work, school, activity locations.



Let MustWants help identify the homes that best meet your musts and wants based on locations such as parks, public beaches, and pools.


The Right Neighborhood

Let MustWants help rack and stack the homes you have discovered based on schools and crime scores. 

Team With Your Chosen Realtor

Prepare for the Offer

MustWants Real Estate Prioritization Tool

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Discover, Organize, Prioritize together ... to make the most informed offer to a Seller

Team with your chosen Realtor, ensure you are organized and have identified the pros and cons of each home you are looking at.  Let a Partner, Friends, weigh in, and let MustWants algorithm work for you to discover the very best home.   It's Free!

Let MustWants prioritize the homes you visit


  • Organize and prioritize the right home for you 
  • Make an educated and informed offer
  • Understand the pros and cons of each home you visit with your realtor
  • Share your Must & Wants with your Firends and Family - let the data help make an informed decision
  • Find the right lender, inspector, title insurance company, contractor, landscaper, painter, etc.